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doubt about tomorrow's outcome. the president in ohio, wisconsin and iowa. governor romney in florida, virginia, ohio and new hampshire. running mates and surrogates also dotting the swing state map. governor romney's got kid rock, bruce springsteen is campaigning with the president, but in the end, it is down to the candidates and often to the candidates' last vocal cord. >> now's the time to keep pressing forward. educate our kids and train new workers. bring troops home. care for our veterans. broaden opportunity. grow our middle class. restore our democracy mange sure that no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter how you started out, no matter what your last name is, you can make it here in america if you try. wisconsin, that's why i need your vote. and if you're willing to work with me again and knock on some doors with me, make some phone calls for me, turn out for me, we'll win wisconsin. we'll win this election. >> he can't change washington from the inside, only from the outside. we're going to give him that chance in a day or two. >> millions of people
tomorrow, president in i had high, wisconsin, the governor in florida, virginia, earlier in new hampshire. in the end it is down to the candidate and often to the candidate's last vocal chord. >> fired up. ready to go. fired up, ready to go. >> you know, if anyone wants to know where the energy is, anyone following american politics wants to know where the energy is, look right here in this room. >> each candidate trying to get even one more person to vote tomorrow. millions of people have already voted. early voting has been a blessing and a curse. in ohio and florida, limited hours made for long lines over the weekend. take a look at that. that could make post election legal battles if either state is pivotal. we'll talk to our legal analyst jeffrey toobin about that. that is a very real possibility. with me here tonight john king, also political analyst david gergen, gloria borger. ari fleischer, an occasional unpaid political adviser for the romney campaign. paul begala senior adviser for president obama's senior pac. i want you to listen to a clip and get your response. the first one
to be republican, and florida a swing state in presidential politics, if democrats keep getting 66%, 70% of the latino vote, watch this. the darker the area, the higher the latino population, so in navy, colorado, and new mexico, it's almost game over. in florida, still waiting for the final results. latino vote critical to the president's lead. and if the republicans don't solve this, we might be talking about texas as a blue state, anderson. >> wow. amazing to look at the maps like that. john, appreciate that. given that, how does the republican party evolve? what is next for them? someone on the extreme right, not a lot of several examination going on. take a look at this from "the american spectator." doomed beyond all hope of redemption, dark thoughts on the meaning of the catastrophic election. and we mourn the loss of our country. there is this quote. today i wear black. the day america died. from a conservative interviewed by "mother jones." this is not hyperbole, this country is done, dead, the writing is on the wall and donald trump. this election is a total sham and a travest
in the finances of jill kelley and her husband scott, the florida couple caught up in the scandal. they started a cancer charity back in 2005, shortly after they moved to tampa, they dissolved it a couple of years later and they are facing several money drops. what have you learned? >> another twisted part of the tale. public records show as jill kelley was entertaining top military brass in her backyard, she and her husband, scott del kelley, were battling a bank in court because the bank says they weren't paying their mortgage. the red brick house we've been showing on tampa's exclusive bay shore drive, purchased in 2004 for 1$1.5 million. four years later, regions bank filed to foreclose on the kell kelleys, because the bank said they hadn't sent in a mortgage payment since september 2009. records we've seen show that they owe at least 250,000, probably more. and our search of florida records show there are at least nine other lawsuits involving money and the kelley family. >> a lot of lawsuits. what about the charity the couple began? >> it was called the dr. kelley cancer foundation. start
. in florida last night we are still waiting to get the numbers. if you look at the state of texas. if republicans don't solve this problem. we might be talking about texas as a blue state. >> it is amazing looking at the maps. take a look at this. doomed beyond all hope of redemption. dark thoughts. under the headline. we mourn the loss of our country. today i wear black the day america died. from the billionaire who shall go unnamed -- we are not a democra democracy. so we talked last night, is there a sense that republicans are ready to change their approach or are they looking for a way to package the positions that they have already got? >> this is not a matter of changing your positions on a couple of issues. the philosophies that america holds is the reason that people come to this country and have for rgenerations anyway. we need to become the party of yes and the party of more. with the republicans you get more from the economy which is the reason you come here. your party hasn't made head way in reaching them. >> so actually young voters did break heavily for the presiden
in 2007 and it never did register with the state of florida. but it retains it's 501 c status right now with the irs. >> it seems like every charity that you look into, it is amazing to me. any reaction on this from the kelleys? >> we had a source close to them that said she didn't have enough information to respond. and we reached out to the accounting firm that prepared the documents and they had nothing to say. >> president obama, just ahead a county where he just got five votes. just ahead. ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪ together for your future. sfx- "sounds of african drum and flute" look who's back. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought
people to go to these domains and donate the money. >> reporter: from his home in jacksonville, florida, he's already tracked more than a thousand internet domains with the words sandy or relief. some registered early but most as soon as the forecast predicted this would be a killer storm. sites that pop up like this one registered in north carolina, urging people to donate to help victims in jamaica, linking the would-be donor to a paypal account. >> i couldn't find what was behind it. you can check registered the domaining, and there is this tool that tells you who registered the domaining. let's just look this up here and see what comes back. it's here, a person in north carolina that hasn't registered, but whether or not that's real, who knows. >> reporter: we checked. the charity is not registered with the state of north carolina as the law requires. some sites are even more blatant. personal appeals on crowd sourcing sites, creating a web page just asking for money. on this site called indy go go, there were 32 pages for pleas for cash. we headed -- we left the city and headed sou
down in florida. what do you say to the family? they say the therapy you did to him as a child led to the suicide as an adult. >> i would say scientifically that would be inaccurate to assume that it was the therapy, but i do grieve for the parents now that you've told me that news. i think that's very sad. >> reporter: according to the american psychiatric association, the potential risk of reparative therapy is great, including depression, anxiety and self-destructive behavior. the association says therapists' alignment with societal prejudices against homosexuality may reinforce the self-hatred already felt by patients. dr. nicolosi says his therapy isn't harmful, and he only treats people who want to change. not true, says ryan kendall. >> it led me to periods of homelessness, to drug abuse, to spending a decade of my life wanting to kill myself. it led to so much pain and struggle, and i want them to know that what they do hurts people. it hurts children. it has no basis in fact. and they need to stop. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, los angeles. >> let's get back to the lawsuit
: a florida explorer on the side of the street in the staten island, new york. the car seats remain where two little boys, brandon and connor moore were sitting as their mother glenda was driving duran hurricane sandy desperately looking for shelter. the story is sad, horrifying, terrifying. she was driving her suv down this street. it plunged into this hole during the height of hurricane sandy. she then got out of the vehicle wither had 2-year-old son ander had 4-year-old son. remember, it is pouring rain, torrential, the winds, 90 miles per hour. she comes over here to this tree. and holds on to the tree, grabbed the branches. holds on to it and holds on to her sons at the same time. she did this, according to police, for hours. that's what she told police. she then said she went up to this house behind me. knocked on the door. the man was inside and pleaded with them, let us inside your house. she said the man would not let her in the house with her sons. she then went into the back, stood on the balance could notty, took a flower pot to break a window to get in. wasn't able to and ultimat
in florida. a spanish language tv ad that linked president obama to hugo chavez and the castro family. i think the romney campaign at this point, they're not really saying one way or the other whether or not the campaign has been damaged to some sentence by what happened with hurricane sandy but i think the, getting back on offense does reflect the fact that they feel like they'd better get this momentum back on their side. clearly it has been affected. >> and president obama has obviously been in full presidential mode. he took a break from campaigning but he's been very visible. he is getting good marks on the handling of the storm, most notably from governor chris christie in new jersey. is there any sense how voters may be reacting? >> we don't know how voters are reacting just yet. the president is in his own way taking advantage of the moment. he bounded off the plane today at his first stop wearing his leadership credentials on his sleeves literally. he was wearing a bomber jack that read, commander-in-chief. and he opened his first remarks by commenting on the storm and saying, i
, colorado and later this weekend, heading into monday, he goes to virginia and florida. you know, anderson, you can lay the battleground map for president obama and mitt romney almost on top of one another, because their schedules are so similar. >> jessica, all year long, people have been pointing to this final jobs report the weekend before the election day. doesn't seem to have made much of a splash, does it? >> reporter: a little bit of both, anderson. the jobs numbers in the end seem to be sort of a wash. they give something for both campaigns to talk about. the president today acknowledged the numbers and pointed out that there was an increase in private sector hiring and that there were more people out looking for work, which is true, but he said it wasn't good enough and governor romney doubled down on that, said sure, it sure wasn't enough and pointed out that the unemployment rate is higher now than it was when the president came into office and you know, how many people are still unemployed. so there is something there for both campaigns to feed their narrative. but the number w
locations in colorado and florida, you see election officials were reportedly alarmed to see voters showing up in clothing em bla n blazoned with the name mitt, a violation of election laws that prohibit campaigning for a candidate within a certain number of feet from voting booths. the problem? the shirts did not say mitt. they said m.i.t. as in massachusetts institute of technology. one of the top colleges in the country, by the way. mr. romney's name in case it wasn't clear, is spelled with two ts. now, i'm seriously not making this up. but look, i give election workers a lot of credit. they're helping our democracy. it's thankless work. what's more, you really can't blame them for thinking the romney campaign might have misspelled their candidate's name. remember this, the romney campaign's iphone app that allowed you to take a photo with the words "a better america" super imposed over it except they misspelled the word america as amercia. look, i don't want to be a stickler about this but you know, i'm just really particular about spelling. frankly, i think anyone who isn't a good spe
been a problem living in the city. there's always key west, florida where they drop a drag queen in a giant shoe. without a doubt, that's provided top-notch entertainment year after year on our new year's eve show. as you can see, it's not quite as well orchestrated perhaps as some of the other events. i'm not even sure the shoe dropped, frankly. but that apparently is a drag performer who looks like she's about to drop even if the shoe isn't.
living in the city. of course, there is always key west, florida, where they drop a
of manhattan. always a problem i think living in the city. of course, there is always key west, florida, where they drop a drag queen named sushi. she has provided some top entertainment year after year. as you can see, not quite as well orchestrated as some of the other events. not sure the shoe dropped, but
. of course, there is always key west, florida, where they drop a drag queen named sushi. without a doubt, sushi has provided some top entertainment year after year on our show. as you can see, not quite as well orchestrated as some of the other events. not sure the shoe dropped, but that's a drag performer who looks like she's about to drop. even if the shoe isn't. pretty precarious for sushi some years. that is quality television. i can't shake the feeling that new year's eve won't be the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 63 (some duplicates have been removed)